Earth Day Ideas

22 April 2017

Happy Earth Day!   I started focusing on Earth Day last week and will continue to focus on Earth Day next week.  Here are some of the activities we are doing.

This anchor chart is by my friend, Abby!  You can check it out here:

Since my kiddos had a blast with the bunny craft, we made this Earth Day Craft.

We also did banners.

Earth Day Interactive Notebook Packet by my friend Janine:

Earth Day Graphtivity:

We made the Earth below by ripping up scraps of construction paper.  I always save our scraps!

Here are some of our favorite Earth Day books: 

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  1. Lots of great ideas for Earth Day or to be used at other times of the year if need to teach recycling. The scrap paper art focal piece for your hall display is a clever & terrific group art/craft activity for Earth Day--a perfect centerpiece!!!


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