Here are some Frequently Asked Q&A's.  I hope the answers help you!

Q: How do I get started on TpT?
A: I have a blog post dedicated to this very question.  Just click the image below.

Q: What printer do you recommend?
A: I get asked all the time about printer recommendations.  I love my printer and the ink (though expensive) lasts for over 1,000 pages!  Click on the picture below to check out my printer on Amazon.com.  Also, you can sign up for HP Academy to receive discounts and coupon codes on ink!

Update: I usually order the ink on Amazon Prime.  I have tried the imitation ink and it just did not work as well.  The ink is expensive but it lasts so long.  I think I change it once or twice a year, depends on how much decor stuff I print.   Here is the link for the bundled ink.

Q: Is there a pencil sharpener you recommend?
Knock on wood, the Westcott below has lasted for two years.  This is my longest relationship with a pencil sharpener. 

Q: Is there a laminator you recommend?
A: I love my Scotch Thermal Laminator from Amazon.com.  I have one for at home and one for at school.  I find it easier to use at school.  I just throw a sheet in whenever I get a free minute.  Click here or the image to check it out.

I use these cheap laminating sheets with it.  Click here.

Q: Is there a paper cutter you recommend?
A: I love my paper cutter, it is an X-Acto Guillotine style cutter.  I loved it so much, I bought one for school and one for home!

Q: How can I contact you?
A: I am sorry but I would rather not be contacted via email by followers and customers.  I get so many junk emails that often personal emails get lost, bills don't get paid, or I forget to write back!  If you have a question about a product, please leave it in my TpT store under the product.  Other people might have the same question and this would help them, too!  If you are looking for a specific blog post or topic, I have a search feature on the right sidebar of this blog.

Q: Advertising?
A: I am open to advertising and partnering opportunities.  Rates are as follows:

  • $150 for a post on Instagram
  • $50 for a FB shout out or contest
  • $500 for a blog post (Includes FB share of post, pinning of post, and Instagram sharing of post)
If interested, please contact me at EricaBohrerTpT(at)gmail.com .  This email is only for use for advertising partnerships.   All other emails will be deleted.


  1. Going to give the laminator and laminating sheets a try. They look like a pretty good deal on amazon. I've been wanting something like this for quick, small laminating jobs. Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes when they come in.

  2. Received the laninator and pouches and both are great! Thanks so much for the recommendation!!!

  3. Hi Erica ~ I purchased an item for myself & one additional license for my teacher friend. Should I email a pdf version to her, explaining the license - or is there a better way to get it to her? (I tried to inbox you through the FB fan page, but I didn't see a "message" feature available.)

    1. You can just email it to her. Thank you for purchasing the additional license. Rember, you could always leave a Q&A on the product.

  4. Hey Erica! I saw your Dr. Seuss book report form online, but I am unable to find on your page. Can you send it to me?


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